Broadway Nails Impress, Space Cadet - review!

First of all let me say that I LOVE these false nails! I've never tried any before now because I was a bit cautious of the whole nail glue side of things, but the best thing about these nails are that they don't require glue! I picked the 'Space Cadet' design which is beautiful and sparkly (without being tacky). The instructions on the back of the box were easy to follow. The box contained a full set of nails for both hands as well as extras, as you have to chose the right size for each nail. There was also a wipe to clean your natural nails before applying the false ones to ensure they applied correctly.
I've had them on for a day now and so far they've lasted perfectly, even after doing everyday tasks (washing up, doing my hair, carrying/moving things, etc.) The box claims they can last for up to a week and I'm pretty sure they will :) I'm definitely going to buy them again and they're currently £8.99 in Boots!

I've returned! - Hauls and nail art!

First of all let me say sorry for the long break in posts. My last post in June was around exam time and I found myself with little spare time and a crappy camera, so I decided to wait until the summer and here I am! I've got photos from June till now, and I'll apologise for the quality straight away, but I hope you like them :)

After weeks of waiting I was finally able to visit a UK Sally's!! They had so many amazing China Glaze and OPI colours as well as other nail care items. I managed to restrain myself and ended up only buying the things in the photo above, the glass nail file is my favourite purchase because it is so good at filing and doesn't damage nails as much as a regular nail file. I also regularly visit the two Tk Maxx's in York and there is usually only Nails Inc and Revlon, but they've now started putting out Color Club. I was so excited to finally get my hands on it as it can be pricey on ebay, I also picked up two full size Orly polishes, which, considering they go for £5 for a small bottle in Boots, they were a bargain :) - Since then I've also picked up two OPI polishes from there as well, I think I'm obsessed with going there every time I'm in town!

Some nail art I've done since my last post in June!

Finally, here are some of the new (well they were when I took the photos ahah) Barry M glitters! I love the coverage and how bright they are, also they're still pretty cheap so they don't break the bank. I think eventually I'll post photos of my Barry M collection if there's enough interest :)

New York Fashion Week inspired Nail art!

I was searching for some inspiration for my nails, when I discovered the runway photos from NYFW! I found some that I especially loved (here) and decided to get working, here's what I came up with!

I used Barielle 'Queen for the day' and my nail art polishes in black and white!

Birthday spam part 1! (My purchases)

Last week  was my birthday and so, I have got lots of nail polish spam for you guys. I think I really need to focus on my collection as it is and try not to add any more for a while!!

NOTD: Bright Orange!

A bright mani for a pretty dull day! (Click the photo to enlarge)


I've started to label which colours and plates I've used on the actual photo, let me know if you like this idea!
I've recently bought storage for my collection and I'll have a blog post up in a couple of days to show you guys :)

Nail spam!

A few manis from this week, enjoy! (Click on the photos to enlarge) Let me know which is your favourite in the comments :)

Nail spam! - Weekly Roundup

It's been a busy week filled with exams but I've still managed to make sure my nails looked good! Let me know which mani is your favourite in the comments! :)

1st Mani:
OPI Come to Poppy, Orly VIP (accent nail) and Seche Vite.

2nd Mani:
Nails Inc Peach Sorbet, Essie Blanc and Seche Vite.

3rd Mani:
Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Sally Hansen HD Spectrum and Seche Vite.

Barry M 'Denim' with Accessorize 3D Glitter 'Dream'

My exams start on monday, so I needed a new mani to cheer me up. I decided 
 on this! 1 Coat of 'Denim' and 1 Coat of 'Dream' over every other nail :)

Max Factor Fantasy Fire Swatch - Clarins 230 'Unicorn Pee' Dupe

After hearing all the comments about how Fantasy Fire was a dupe for Clarins 230 'Unicorn Pee' I thought I'd try it out. Luckily there were some left and I bought the last two they had for £5.98 from Superdrug :) I've never had/tried Clarins 230, but from what I've seen, Fantasy Fire is a pretty good dupe and not a bad price either! Overall, it is a very nice colour but very sheer, which is why I decided to layer it over 1 coat of Revlon 240 Impulsive (a medium purple) to make it stand out more. I didn't use a top coat as I've heard it can ruin the effect of these kinds of polishes, although having said that I did use Seche Vite Fast dry top coat after taking pictures to see what it looks like, and I can say it still has the same gorgeous colours and effect.

The polish I used:
Base Coat -Collection 2000 Base Coat
1st Coat - Revlon 240 Impulsive
2nd Coat -Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Top Coat - None

Makeup and Nail Haul!

List (Not in order)
  • 5x MUA Lipsticks in shades 10(I picked up two by accident), 11,16 and 8.
  • Cutex Nail Polish Remover and Orly Nail Polish Thinner - which is
  • amazing, I've fixed all my old polishes!
  • Accessorize - Aztec,
  • 3x Sally Hansen - Silver Anniversary, Forever Lilac, Spectrum (HD),
  • 5x Revlon - Grapefruit fizz, Not so Blueberry, Cherry Crush, Midnight affair, Emerald City (matte).
  • 2x Essie - Lilacism and Blanc.

I'll probably do swatches for the MUA lipsticks as they're really good quality, especially for £1 each!
Leave any comments below, I always reply :)

Cupcake sprinkle nail art!

My inspiration: polishyourpretty
Products used: Revlon scented nail polish- watermelon fizz, Barry M White nail paint, Seche Vite fast dry top coat, Red striper from ebay and some nail art gems!